Friday, March 25, 2011

The David Crowder* Band!

The David Crowder* Band was formed in Waco, Texas  in 1995 when David Crowder was attending a Christian University. He noticed that most of the students were not attending any type of church, so he decided to start a church of his own. From that point on, the church grew, and so did its band.

The band released two independent Cd's in 1999, which caused the band to gain quite a following of fans. Soon after, they signed with sixsteprecords/sparrow records and has released six more albums since.

The David Crowder* Band's current members are:
The Astrik (*) that is often placed after the word Crowder, was explained in a comentary  from the band's Cd "Church Music". David Crowder poked fun at his fellow band member, by saying it stood for David Crowder [is about to go insane because Jack Parker continually tries to sabotage the work of the rest of the] band"

This is one of the band's most popular songs, " How He Loves"

And their website link:

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  1. Until today when you helped me i din't know how to be a follower! but i have been following you! (: and enjoy every word, sight, ans sound!<3