Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Audition.

Today I was given the wonderful opportunity of auditioning to be a singer for the local Creative Arts Center's summer music program. The board members of the music program held individual auditions to decide who will be a part of this program. When I was informed about the audition and got all the details about it, I was asked to prepare three songs; a glospel song, a classical song, and a song of choice. The three songs I choose were Wonderful Merciful Savior, Song of the River, and A Living Prayer. They had four board members present and they called the audition " American Idol style" because they had me sing three songs, and gave me feed back and asked questions. When my audition was finished, I was told  they would make there final dicision after everyone else had auditioned. All of the board members were very friendly and made the audition casual and comfortable. Even then, I was nervous. I just had to keep thinking to myself, that God gave me my voice, and it's up to him how he wants me to use it. I just pray that everyone who sees me preform, will see God'd light shinning through me.

This is me singing part of one of the songs I sang for my audition. Excuse the piano playing... I'm just learning... (:

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  1. Good story - and good video! I look forward to seeing what direction you take with this blog.
    Miss Aukes